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July 3, 2005
Updated the WNBA page with current draftees/retirees. Note the 2005 Final Four will be in Boston. Also added a list pf future Final FOur locations (see left).

May 9, 2004
Made a new graphic for the page. Three in a row. Wow!

Maria was cut from the Sparks, but may have other options in the WNBA. She had some harsh words for the Sun since they didn't pick her up in the second round yet invited her to training camp. Hmmm.

And Uconn's lost it's entire sophomore class. Geno had some harsh words for the departing players. Guess we need to have a really good recruiting class next year.

April 24, 2004
Okay, a little while ago I ranted about the whole "lady Huskies" issue. Time for another one... the spelling of 'HUSKY', referring to only one of the team or university. Why in the name of all that is holy do writers insist on spelling it 'HUSKIE" - have these people failed their basic spelling lessons? There was a pic from the parade of a guy with a lab wearing a little jacket with the phrase: 'Today I'm a Huskie' - I figured it was just the public's ignorance.

See: Tennessean.com

Photo from the Hartford Courant

Oooo, and our boy Jonathan also has made the news (from the Hartford Courant)

April 18, 2004
Chalk one up as no surprise - Diana will be a Mercury uniform come summer. More of a 'how'd ya like that', Maria Conlon is missing today's parade in downtown Hartford 'cause the LA Sparks invited her to try out for the team. Kinda cool.

April 8, 2004
Oh. My. God. A 3-peate and duel championships... Can it get any better for a Husky fan?

Between catching the men on the tube and watching the women in person - it was quite a four day span. New Orleans (or Nawlins, as the locals call it) did a fine job of hosting and once us northerners adapted to its ultra laid-back lifestyle (read: slow with no schedules, even for their streetcars) it was enjoyable. Food was amazing - enough of a reason for a visit under any circumstance.

News from around the Nation:
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UConn women compile staggering numbers - By Bob Ehalt - The Stamford Advocate
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2004 Women's Final Four - By Richard Deitsch - Sports Illustrated

Parade Info - By MATT BURGARD, The Hartford Courant
One large parade and rally is being planned in Hartford to celebrate the unprecedented national championships for the University of Connecticut men's and women's basketball teams, with a tentative date of April 18.
Oooo, and confirmation of a pet peeve of mine: "Lady Huskies"
"One product found was over 100 pieces referring to us as the Lady Huskies. Well, Lady Huskies, none of our teams are known by that - even though some of the on-air talent out there likes to say that - we are Huskies." Tolokan said.

March 29, 2004
WOOPEE!! We're gonna see the ladies in New Orleans!! They plastered Penn State. They held their composure when PSU whittled the lead to 9 - Barbara Turner was AWESOME!! So was Diana - she was dominating!! About the only down side was Conlon and Strother being held scoreless. They both need to step it up.

More Hardware in Uconn's Future?

And it's gonna be a busy basketball weekend with the men out in San Antonio. Awesome, just awesome!!

What in the name of god am I gonna do after next weekend?

March 26, 2004
It's tournament time and the ladies are looking 'right' again. I would comment more extensively but ESPN keeps playing roulette with the schedule. Considering how much we pay for this advanced technology, it's amazing TPTB can't figure out how to truly let us watch what we want. (I know, digital cable - but who in hell has the $$$ for that? Plus the pay-per-view?) Two more games and I'll get to see them in New Orleans. I really can't wait for this trip.

Asjha Jones has been traded to the Connecticut Sun! Two Huskies back in Connecticut.

March 10, 2004
Wow. For a change I think I was lucky not to be able to get a game on the tube. I was tracking the plays on-line and BC just shot amazingly well.

I think what's making this harder to take from a fan's perspective, is this SHOULD have happened last year. I was ready for it to happen last year. But since they did so well last year - this year should have been better. They were older, more experienced. No-one left and a pair were added.

It will be interesting to watch the selection show. I can honestly see UConn loosing their first seed status. Many said that Duke was the lowest of the #1s - but that was before UConn and Tennessee both lost in their respective conference tournaments while Duke took the ACC for the 4th(?) straight year. At this point I'd just be happy if they stayed in the East region.

Here's hoping to seeing them in New Orleans. I'm getting excited to go - no matter if they make it or not.

March 8, 2004
I haven't seen the quarter final round verses VT yet but the score alone suggests to me an awful game. 48 points? I can't even believe they won while scoring so few. Was it just last game where they scored 56 in a half? This team seems to suffer from multiple personalities.

For a year that is supposed to produce the best graduating class (and hence WNBA draft) in years - why are teams having such a difficulty consistently winning? Tennessee lost the other night to Georgia who quickly lost in the championship game to Vanderbilt. Uconn, Texas, Tennessee and Duke all have spent time at #1 and all have 3 losses this year. Ought to be one hell of a battle in the NCAAs.

March 4, 2004
They lost at Villanova. That game was a disaster from the tip. They looked as if they couldn't get out of their own way. What a shock after that blow-out of Pitt (granted, Pitt is NOT a powerhouse, but UConn made them look like high school). And then that awesome game on Senior Night. Just too much fun. If they go all the way again, they have 9 games left - 7 in Connecticut. I just hope they make it to New Orleans.

Check out the Seniors (Photo from the Hartford Courant)

February 20, 2004
Check it out: Carla Barube is making headlines - this time as a head coach!

February 8, 2004
That win at Tennessee... I was pleasantly surprised. I truly expected UCONN to loose a hard fought game based on the Tennessee I saw a couple weeks before on national TV and the way UCONN couldn't get out of their own way at Seton Hall, I just expected a loss. Boy am I glad to say I have no idea what I'm talking about!!

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for the attitude they stepped on the basketball floor with,'' Summitt said of the Huskies. "You could tell everyone on the team felt a responsibility for every possession. We could learn a lesson from them.''

Read the complete article by Dan Fleser

January 20, 2004
The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster. That loss to Duke was heartbreaking. I'm not sure if I have ever witnessed such a complete mental breakdown before. I was away on business during the Notre Dame loss - from what I heard and read, perhaps it was better. I did get to see them take apart Rutgers on MLK Day.
I'm not ready to sell my final four tickets by any stretch. I have faith that they will spend the rest of the season getting better. It'll be an interesting game down in Tennessee next month. A good check to see how they're progressing.

November 20, 2003
For those of you far from Husky-Nation and CPTV - we have been given a boon this season!! CPTV and RealNetworks have teamed up to do web broadcasts of the women's season. It's not free ($39.95 for the season) but IMHO it is more than reasonable.
Go to CPTV's web site for details: Uconn Hoops Streams.

And for news articles from around the nation - check out Google's News Search
October 18, 2003
It all starts this evening - The Super Show at Gample. This season is so dangerous for the team; everyone back, two freshmen who do not need to make an immediate impact, Nichole Wolf healthy - there is no reason on paper not to make it three in a row. It'll be interesting to see how the chemistry develops as rolls are defined.
Check out this pro-Husky article from ESPN Nice to see both the men and the women with high expectations. This season could be extremely interesting. Gonna love the next 6 months!!
April 9

Who'd have thunk it? Who, in October - or even in March - would have argued that this Uconn team was going to repeat? Who? Certainly not me, and I'm no fair-weather friend. I'm a twice grad of Connecticut ('92, '99) and bleed husky blue but was just looking at the team realistically. They were blowing early leads. They missed easy shots and threw away the ball. They seemed to expect D to do it all.

I really expected this Tennessee team to just take us apart - I expected to be on the receiving end of the 2000 thrashing we gave them in Phili. I expected Gwen Jackson to have another night like against Duke (25pts, 15 reb). I expected Kara Lawson to be insufferable when they won (after the pre-game story on her and her dad, was it just me or did her dad come across as an absolute #@*^!?)

But we WON!!! And Big East teams sit as Champions on both the men's and women's side. And Dicky V has the UCONN men on top in 2004... so, all you bone-yard faithful - send up a prayer for continued health of our squads - let 2001 be a reminder of how injuries can sideline the most special teams...

And for those who like to read all about it... Check out the following like to the Google News Search - very good resource: News search from google.com
April 7
First off - what is with this weather? It is snowing blue blazes here in south Jersey - quite the rude sight when I exited my apartment to go to work this AM. But anyway...

What a couple of games last night. I can't believe Duke got it handed to them so badly. I really thought they'd make it a game...

And I didn't think Uconn was gonna pull it out - a way physical game that the refs just let play out. Really amazing but the toughest is tomorrow - UT is looking mighty good but you just can't count this Connecticut team out until it's over. But more of the Uconn players are going to have to score. Ann has all but disappeared (4 points, 2 rebounds and a turnover in 31 minutes), AB too (4 points, 2 rebounds and 2 turnovers and a steal in 19 minutes). Maria needs to look for her shot more. That kid gets crapped on so much by UCONN fans - her assist to turnover ration for the game was 3-1 (she also had 2 steals and a blocked shot, was 2-3 with a 3 pointer and 3-4 from the line (2 when it counted most) and played the 2nd most minutes (36)). On the season she has a team best assist/turnover ratio at 1.91 with a second best 46 steals (to AB's 53) and the 3rd most minutes (behind Diana and Ann)... If there was a category for unsung-hero, she would win hands down.

And in a related comment to yesterday's 'media' one - did the press writing about the game actually WATCH the game? Was this the first women's game they've ever seen? Do they NOT know how to read a stats page? I've seen stories where two different Longhorns attempted their final short (Sare and/or Carey), that Diana was the only double digit scorer for UCONN (Jessica Moore has 13) and UT was in its 10th consecutive championship game (it's #10 but not consecutive).
April 6
Back to the Final 4 - would could have imagined such thing at the beginning of the season? This team has truly over-achieved. Tonight's games should be interesting - I can see any of the 4 teams taking it all - there are valid arguments for each squad... I guess that's why they actually play the games.

I have been reading a ton of print coverage from around the US about the teams in the Final 4... seems a ton of people are all upset about the level of coverage the Uconn women receive... well, who's fault is that? Uconn keeps winning and Uconn has the Hord. Other schools want coverage? The other schools need to create a product that people want to support and want to know about and get their local press interested. The press that follows Uconn around goes to away games aside from home coverage - how many other reporters do that?

Get people to go to the games, get them to take an interest in the players - then they will want to know what's happening when they can't get to the games and the press will respond - or so the theory goes...
February 11
They beat Duke... How sweet it is!!! Of course, they almost blew it against BC (Cathy would have been insufferable). That whole knock out punch seems to be missing. Hopefully they'll find it before tourny time. The best news is that Nichole should play against Seton Hall this weekend. It would be nice to have another decent player as we hit the stretch.

As an aside, watched the Duke/Virginia game last night. Had such high hopes for an upset for the first 30 minutes, especially when the Dookies were picking up fouls left and right during the beginning of the second half.
January 26
Well, I didn't comment when UConn beat UT... and not a peep outa me when the broke the record for consecutive wins... So I figured it was about time as UCONN has one more game before they head to NC and face the women of Duke.

Well, CT is getting a WNBA team - the Orlando Miracle and N. Sales will be playing out of Uncasville in 2003. Uncasville is where the Mohegan Sun is located for those not totally up-to-date with CT geography. Not sure how I feel about a casino sponsoring a team from a moral standpoint. From a business standpoint, they're about the only ones able to absorb the $$$ losses the WNBA suffers.
December 31
Neat Stat: UCONN did not loose in the calendar year 2002.

Yesterday's Florida State game sounded just horrid - wish I was better at picturing what the radio guys report... No matter, the UT game is televised on CBS Saturday - hopefully the girls continue to find unique ways to win.

Anyone know where I can pick up a pair of UCONN/Duke tickets for Feb. 1st?
December 6
I don't know what's with this team. It seems to take them all of the 1st half to get going. Against Holy Cross (and a Oklahoma team that lost all it's starters from last year) it may not be a problem, but come January 4th (Tennessee) I hope this is a trademark of the past. 'Cuz even if they manage to get by Pat and her girls, Duke (Feb. 1st) will cremate them if they only decide to play for the second half.

It was so nice to see Maria Conlon have a stellar game. From the sounds of it (listened over the net) she came up with a few big plays. Let's hope AB's ankle is not serious.

Both WNBA teams in Florida need new homes. Now would be a perfect time for Hartford (or someone in CT) to step up since the teams are actively looking for homes and CT wouldn't have to look for the league to expand. Rumors have it that The Pheonix (That big ABL supporter) wont be able to do as much this time around do to the poorer financial climate. Seems they lost a good chunk-o-change with the ABL and just can't afford that now with the markets are bad as they are. And if Orlando ends up in CT Ms. Sales would end up at home...
November 24
The game has started - looking not 1/2 bad in the opening minutes. Concerned about rebounding on the offensive end - seem to be boxed out rather easily. Another blow-out. Had such high hopes for a closer game. Just to see how they'd react. The junk minutes at the end: looks like NCST has given up. Aside: winning streak hits 41...

And can you believe the thrashing Duke gave Tennessee? Pat must be having kittens.
November 23
With the unveiling of the Championship Banner, the 2002 season is put to rest so we can concentrate on the new season - and all those freshmen. I listened to the Wright State game over the net - man, did it sound shaky in the opening minutes. After that, it seemed the young Uconn team was blessed with an opening game against an unestablished team. We'll just have to see how they do against NCST on Sunday.

uconn draft day
Dana Jensen / The Day
July 26
Check out the photo... and realize that these four are the most productive 4-som out of the same college their rookie year in the pros. Not too shabby for a bunch of women.

uconn draft day
Related Story
June 5
The Storm beat the Linx last night - Sue was all again, 27 points. Get a load of this quote out of a Seattle paper: "When you think about it, Sue is really the anti-Britney--self-confident without being arrogant, sexy but strong, feminine but still athletic, and fun. That's the message we want to convey. Lucky for us, it's also the message she's most comfortable with." - Constance Schwartz (a VP of the marketing firm Bird hired). Not only is the Storm using her as a marketing asset, but so is the whole WNBA (which from what I'm reading is having a hell of a time selling itself - but we can't put a team in Hartford... no, that would make no business sense - Seattle does? They've been averaging under 6,000 a game. Dumb, dumb, dumb...)
April 19
Well, they went 4 of the top 6 - not too bad. Sue ends up the overall #1 pick going to Seattle - so much for staying close to home - but who knows if there is a trade in the works to bring her to NY. Swin goes #2 and heads to Detroit. Asjha was #4 and ends up in our Nation's capital. Tamika was taken #6 and will play next year with Sveta in Minnasota. Gonna be a fun WNBA season.
April 3
I found the following in the Knoxville News-Sentinel:

Mighty Connecticut stayed on its undefeated course Friday night. Not-so-mighty Tennessee wasn't even a respectable speed bump in the Huskies' path in a national women's basketball semifinal encounter at the Alamodome. The Lady Vols merely were orange road kill, trampled like any other UConn opponent, 79-56, before a record crowd of 29,619.     By Dan Fleser
April 2
man oh man oh man!! They looked SO good Friday against Tennessee! Never expected to be beating the LadyVols by 32 in the second half. Honestly expected Kara Lawson to light us up for 20 since she had such a rough Regional. Expected Michelle to dunk on us - was prepared for it - didn't care, figured we'd win anyway... but never by 20+.

Had an old fashioned battle on Sunday but never seemed in danger. That OU team was something else. Their guards took away our outside game but it just didn't matter. Swin has her best game of the tournament - what a way to end her career at UConn. What a season!

And go to San Antonio! They're putting in a bid for the 2008 Women's Final Four - plan on going - its a fantastic city!!
March 28
Flight leaves noonish - should be in San Antonio by dinner. After the loss in last year's first game - I'm not taking anything for granted. Uconn needs to come out strong and stay strong: 40 minutes.
March 26
WOW - what a 1st half!! and OH MY GOD, what a bust of a 2nd half. For how awesome UCONN looked in the first 20 minutes - they looked equally as bad in the second. Poor passing, poor shooting - they got out scored!! But oh those first 20 minutes... nervana!!

And we play UT on Friday - seems we can't have a championship season without going through UT. Guess its kinda fitting.
March 25
Three down, OUD up. Tonight's game ought to be a battle - ODU's been plowing through the tournament, much improved since December. Keys to a UCONN victory: defense, rebounding and shot selection. Same ol' tune - as usual, I believe UCONN will feel frustrated if they try to be up by 20 in the first 5 minutes. A win is a win - it doesn't have to be by 40. But wouldn't it be nice.
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