Updated: January 28, 2003
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      Crassula ovata - Kinda weird... I noticed last week (mid January '03) that 2 of my rather well established rootings were not doing too well. Leaves very thin; the outer skin not tight, the leaves not plump, like normal. Didn't think I was over or under watering. Only thing I've thought to try was moving them off the windowsill - south Jersey has been very cold and thought maybe the glass was too cool for them. They've only been away for about a week - I hope to see some change within a month.
      Well, propagation from leaves has finally worked. I have two sprouting and thriving as of August 22, 2002. Check out the photos.
      Since a co-worker winters her specimen in the office kitchen, this was the first crassula I tried to propagate. I have had decent success rooting this variety off stem cuttings. I have yet (two tries) to get a leaf to grow, but I'm trying again this spring (2002).

      Crassula lycopiodies - I could not make these survive. I finally gave up and pitched them in November 2002.
      These continue not to do well as of August 22, 2002. New pictures have been added.
      These specimens are not doing well (June 20, 2002). I'm not sure what's the matter - maybe bare-root shipment.
      I just received (April 1, 2002) 5 cuttings of this variety. Have to see if I have as much success propagating this crassula as I have the ovata.

      Crassula ovata convoluta gollum - Continue to do well (Jan. '03) more new sprouts.
      I've seen new sprouts at the center. Discovered this variety seems to like more water than the traditional jades. New pictures as of August 22, 2002.
      Purchased a small specimen at the local Home Depot on April 6, 2002.

      Senecio rowleyanus - Another succulent that bit the dust. Who knows, maybe I'll try again in 2003...
      So much for a repeate bloom. I'm just hopping the thing survives. New growth at the ends can be seen but many of the string have died off. New Photos as of August 22, 2002.
      My first non-crassula succulent. Purchased a small specimen at the local Home Depot on April 6, 2002. This just got finished blooming - hopefully I can get it to do it again.


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