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Gonna be a nice weekend. Let the planting begin!   ~kimly

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Building a Raised Bed
Mid Season


The Flower Bed

      Where it ALL Started - My current gardening attempt started with the construction of a flower bed outside the side door of my office in the late summer of 2000. We removed 6 truly ugly and over grown bushes and dug out 8 inches of clay by hand - what a project. Topsoil was delivered in a bucket-loader. For perennials, we planted daylilies, tulips, grape hyacinth, shasta daisies, dianthus, verbascum, hardy glads, iris, heliotrope, blanket flower & daffodils.


Spider Plants

      Chlorophytum comosum - The most common cultivar in my office since a co-worker's parent plant winters in the office lunch room. This variety has solid green leaves. I have an older solid leafed plant whose leaves fold over on themselves from the center vein. I have no idea why.

      Chlorophytum comosum 'Vittatum' - The small root-lette I was trying to save finally succumbed to whatever killed the main plant. But on a happy note, a friend picked one up for me. It is newly replanted and pictures should be up shortly.

      Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum' - I received yet another plant this week (5-23-02) - with the addition of this cultivar I now have specimens of three of the four. Just need to get a mini to round out the lot.


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