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May 2
Planted 4 plots of Zucchini in Bed1. Before planting Spaghetti Squash and Butternut Squash in Bed2, added 3 bads (120#) humus. Beds 1 & 3 did not get the same treatment since they have significant area already in plant cover. Seedlings spent another day outside getting acclimated.
May 1
Against expectations today was beautiful - weather persons said we'd get rain... but the sun has been out all day. Placed seedlings outside to get some fresh air. Planted some hollyhock seeds to the right of the existing patch. Have pictures, as promised...

Chocolate Mint Chives Lettuces
Wintered-Over Chocolate Mint, Chives, Wintered-Over Lettuces & New Sprouts
Strawberry Hollyhocks
Strawberries are Bloomin', HollyHocks Having a Banner Year
Flower Bed Oregano
Flower Bed, Oregano
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April 15
Since it's gonna take a few minutes to up-load the pics from my trip last month to Italy, I figured it's as good a time as any to ramble about my garden...

The lettuce we direct sowed a few weeks ago is popping - amazing what an 80° day will do for the plant life. The spinach is not fairing so well, maybe by the time I get back from easter. The oregano and chives seem to be taking over their little area of Bed 1. And while I was getting some containers ready (I'm field testing a variety of cherry tomatoes specifically designed for containers) I noticed that the pot with the mint in it from last year that I figured bit the big one do to the hellacious winter - well something's sprouting. Figure I'll just leave it be and see what happens.

Decided against the beans since a few co-workers have requested some type of pea... maybe a sugar snap or a snow...

The holly hocks have come back like gang-busters too - they've made a home for themselves in some extremely poor soil at the corner of my building at work I may spread some seed I collected from last year's plants and extend their plot a little since they seem to like it so well. Also have to think about getting the cleome seeds in the ground...

Well, the photos are done loading - so I guess it's time to throw this up there too...
April 3
The Seed Stage: Planted seeds in a table top 'greenhouse' under light on March 15th. Planted: heirloom mini yellow tomatoes (3 - all germinated), viva plum tomatoes (5), sweetie cherry tomatoes (2), ghostbuster eggplant (2), bambino eggplant (2), jalapeños (3), pimientos (2), bolovian rainbow hot peppers (3), cayenne peppers (6), cubanelle peppers (3), sweet banana peppers (3), wonder egg plants (2), mammoth basil (2), purple basil (2) and white onions (12). On April 2nd direct sowed spinach and mixed lettuce directly into Bed3.
seedlings 2003
the first of the 2003 seedlings

regrowth of wintered over lettuce red onions chives
Winter overed veggies: Lettuce, red onions & chives

The flower bed is also doing quite well.
the flower bed - april 3rd 2003

johnny jump ups hollyhocks daffodils
Johnny-Jump-Ups, HollyHocks, Daffodils
January 28
The Planning Stage: Herbs will not go into beds this year but instead be placed in containers. Basil will definitely be planted, maybe some mint and/or dill. The perennial creeping oregano and chives will stay in BED1. Tomato varieties will get halved - will grow ~6 plants of the Viva plums and one plant each of the sweetie (cherry) and grape. Oh, and some yellow heirloom that a friend gave me. No Roma plums (rather small), tomatillos (couldn't figure out what to do with them) or beefsteak. As for hot peppers: Jalapeño and cayannes are definites, plus some multi-colored thing I bought. Will do the sweet banana and cubanelle but no bells. No corn this year either. Spaghetti squash is a go, along with some zucchini and I may try eggplant again. And I picked up some butternut squash seeds at a trade show - gotta try them, they were free. I'm sure that more than accounts for all the space I have. Maybe if I had an acre!!

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