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April 30
Get a load of these... I grew ONE teardrop yellow tomato plant last year - look what I have now:

click on photo for larger view

Tomatoes I Tomatoes II
Cows (beefers) across from my Office
April 23
As promissed - here's photos of what's happening around the office:

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Flower Bed Unknown - self seeded Chives Strawberries
Lettuces and Spinach Oregano Hollyhocks
April 21
Well, my seedlings were doing just awesome... until last friday (4/16). I put them outside since it was such a nice day - figured get a jump on hardening them off. Bad idea. Damn things got sunburned! They're looking kinda rough, but I think they'll pull through. The peppers, which were the hardest hit, look to have some new growth to them. The eggplant took a beating too, not sure if they'll be okay.

The sugar snap peas I've planted outside are going like gangbusters. Same for the lettuces and spinach.

The flower gardens are just blooming away. We had a great year for daffodils. The grape hyacinths, johnny-jump-ups and violets are all out.

Hopefully, I'll get some pictures posted later in the week.
March 26
Spring again. Love this time of year. A time of rebirth. Seeds have been started. This year's crop: Yellow Teardrop Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Purple Basil, Lime Basil, Sweet Banana Peppers, Cayenne Peppers, Jalapeño Peppers, Ghostbuster Eggplant; Bolivian Hot Peppers. Have direct sowed sugar snap peas for growth up a trellis. Will direct sow zucchini, spaghetti squash, winter squash and possibly pumpkins.

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