Updated: August 22, 2002
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Crassula Ovata     alt: Crassula Argentea, Crassula Portulacea


All the jade shown here are cuttings from this plant.
My First Stem Cutting

my first propagation
Planted early in 2001, this cutting was taken from the plant on the left. It's original height was approximately 3 inches, it is now 8 inches high.
Another Stem Cutting

another successful cutting
Planted in May 2001. The smaller shoot on the left is totally new growth.
New Growth 2002

new budding
Different New Growth

new growth 2002
Typically, jade buds as seen on the left. This specimen is budding on the outside of established leaves. I believe this new growth will eventually become full stems holding its own leaves.
Attempting Leaf Propagation

next attempt at leaf propagation
Planted around March 1, 2002, these leaves were also taken from the grandaddy plant.
Example of Leaf Propagation

I wish I could take credit for getting this leaf to sprout. But I found it just doing it's magic in the bottom of the planter.
Successful Leaf Propagation

Jade Leaf Propagation - ThumbNail
Five and a half months later - the leaves planted above have established themselves. Click on image for larger view.

Crassula Lycopiodies     alt: Crassula Muscosa
          Rattail Crassula, Watch Chain Crassula, Clubmoss Crassula

New for 2002

Planted bare root specimens on April 2, 2002.
A Rather Sick Plant

Lycopiodies ThumbNail
As of August 22, 2002 - this specimen is going poorly. I doubt they will survive the fall. Click on image for larger view.

Crassula ovata convoluta gollum     alt: Crassula portulacea convoluta gollum
          Trumpet Jade

More New for 2002

Trumpet Jade - large part
Purchased from Home Depot on April 6, 2002, split and repotted. This is the larger of the sections and is approximately 2.57" inches high. The pot is 3.5" in diameter.
Second Trupet Jade

Trumpet jade - smaller section
Purchased from Home Depot on April 6, 2002, split and repotted. This is the smaller of the sections and is approximately 2" inches high. The pot is 2.5" in diameter.
New Growth

New Growth on the Trumpet Jade - Thumbnail

Growth on this plant seems to occure from the center. I have not observed any new growths from anywhere else. Click on image for larger view.

Senecio rowleyanus     alt:
          String of Pearls, String of Beads

Yet more new for 2002

String of Pearls
Purchased from Home Depot on April 6, 2002. Immediately transplanted into 3.5" diameter clay pot.
Cutting of the Main Plant

First cutting of 'string of pearls'
As I was repotting the plant on the left, a 'string' fell off. I've stuck it in some dirt and we'll see if it takes.
Another Problem Child

String of Pearls - Thumbnail

Although many of the runners have died off (compare with picture above) new growth is happening at the ends of the runners surviving. Click image for larger view.
New Growth

String of Pearls - new growth - Thumbnail

Example of new growth.
Click for larger image.

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