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June 20th


garden - veggies - 6-20-02
The transplants did not take - we had a cold snap and did all my tomatoes in. But I direct sowed to replant and they are doing well. Most have buds or flowers. The corn, squash and pumpkins are going well. Peppers seem small. Planted red onion amongst the tomatoes and a few garlic starts. I disterbed the spearmint not realizing how invasive mint can be.

Luffa Gords

luffas 6-20-02
After a seemingly slow start, these luffa seem to be taking off. The package said they will go up a trellis and that will keep the fruit clean.


Bed 1

bed 1 - planted may 7/02 - tomatoes, basil, chives, spearmint
Six types of tomatoes (3 plants each) were transplanted on May 7, 2002. Also planted 3 basil plugs and sowed chive and spearmint seeds.

Up Close & Personal

Grape Tomato

Grape tomato - may 7
So far these tomatoes have grown the best - they were started in a slightly larger jiffy pellet than the other varieties.
Strange But True

sprouting tomato
I can't seem to get the seeds I've babied (have I found the point?) to grow - maybe these will fair better.

close-upo of inside the tomato
Just too weird. I buried the stuff - maybe it'll grow.

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